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SHOE LAB NYC manufactures fashion footwear prototypes, sales samples and quick-to-market small batch orders as well as acting as an agent for foreign production.

From sketch to shelf, SHOE LAB NYC will help designers navigate the shoe development process.  With the capability to rapidly produce prototypes, sales samples and small test run production, we enable the startup as well as the established wholesale or retail customer to speed to market with quality products and on-brand styling, gaining competitive advantage and growth.

Empowered by our long term relationships in the finest factories and suppliers around the world, SHOE LAB NYC can enable any business to gain traction in the challenging but exciting footwear market.

In 1948 my grandfather and father built a shoe factory in New England.  Frustrated with the antiquated machinery and shoe making methods in the factory, my father traveled to Italy during 1956 and marveled at the shoe making processes and craftsmanship he found there.  Hiring a french designer he began importing shoes from Italy, eventually moving the family to Padua, near Venice, in 1969.  Up until 1980 I lived and worked in Italy increasing my shoe making and leather knowledge, apprenticing besides some of Italy's foremost shoe makers and designers.  Since then I've created shoe collections for many american and European brands eventually creating my own footwear brand, David Aaron in 1991.  In 1996 we merged with Steve Madden (SHOO).  Most recently we have created several business and worked as consultants with many start ups and well established branded companies wishing to enter the footwear industry, designing, sourcing and creating business opportunities. to read the review of our acrylic standing desk, giraffe DESK.  We believe for a healthier lifestyle, standing instead of sitting all day is an excellent solution.  We designed the GIRAFFE DESK and produce it in the hills of Virginia.

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the younger son, Jared, a photographer and my partner in this business adventure

my desk in the shoe labratory in the factory on 38th street, NYC

our Spanish design studio