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Leather Terminology

comfort shoe leather Leather Terminology quality leather shoe lab nyc shoe leather shoelabnyc

Vegetable-Tanned tanned using tannin and other ingredients found in the leaves, barks, woods, nuts and galls of various trees.. Very strong and very little stretch. Limited colors but can be dyed. A long process time, usually in pits. Chrome-Tanned ...or mineral –tanned. Is tanned using chromium sulphate. Soft and flexible, more supple and pliable than vegetable-tanned. Many colors available and a quicker process than vegetable-tanned leather. Oil-Tanned ...soft, flexible and durable. Usually thick and can leave oil residue. Rawhide / Parchment ...hard and strong - also used for dog chews. Hair On ...tanned with the hair intact. Combination Tan...

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giraffe WALK now is SHOE LAB NYC

comfortable flat ladies footwear ladies shoe shoe shoe business shoe design shoe lab shoe lab nyc shoelabnyc woven woven shoe

We've changed our name to SHOE LAB NYC from giraffe WALK.  Why you ask?  We've expanded what we do to include helping design students and people interested in developing a shoe line for themselves.  Email me if you're interested to learn more:

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Beyonce in Brooklyn on a bike in the brass Jaipur oxford

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Beyonce in the giraffe WALK Jaipur, walking into her gig in Atlantic City, July of 2013

Beyonce also knows the perfect summer flat is the woven, Jaipur in Steel leather!

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some past PR highlights

Beyonce comfort shoe flat shoe giraffe gold jay z jazz oxford ladies footwear ladies shoe NYMAG summer shoe


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